Karolina Henke

I helgen är det dags. Jag åker till Borås för att se Karolina Henkes utställning “Back to nature”. Har sett fram emot detta.

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Sky Lanterns

I hope everyone had a nice Samhain/Halloween. Mine was incredible :). Instead of doing my usual meditation labyrinth, this year i did a regular circle by using tealights to out line it. The tealights gave the appearance of being in a circle of fire. It was a cold night and my fingers got a bit numb, which made some of the magic a bit more difficult. But body heat is an effective way to warm fingers so it did work out fine.

To honor the once I have lost I sent a sky lantern in to the air whit the name of my loved ones written on it. It was so beautiful, standing there in a circle of fire under the starlit sky, watching the lantern soaring higher and higher. It was one of those moments when you are aware of everything, when everything comes together and you are just in that moment and the only thing that exists is that fire circle, the stars, the gentle breeze and the lantern soaring higher and higher.


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TarotBlogHop Samhain: The dark side

It’s time for another bloghop, this one I am rely exited about. First because I rely like the subject and second because Samhain is my favorite sabbath. So this post will come to you via the timed posting function here on wordpress because I will be out celebrating 🙂 .

So the topic for this bloghop is: Explore your Shadow side. Isn’t that a wonderful topic?

For me a big part of Samhain is to acknowledge and embrace the dark part of one self and of everything. It is a opportunity to understand that the darkness isn’t a bad thing per say. It’s just another part of everything and whiteout it  the lighter part wouldn’t be light.

So what is my shadow side? Well to be honest, I have more than one… But the one that I’m going to wright about (I can’t wright about them all for then we would be here all week) is the one that probably effects my surrounding the most. From time to time I tend to withdraw in to my self for a period of time. I get rely unsocial and philosophical and… well deep and dark. I have been this way since I was a child, it’s my time to contemplate the world and to make sense of it all. My dad was the same way, he also had his deep periods when he contemplated life’s great mysteries.

Some times when I try to describe it to people it sounds like a depression, but that’s not  what it is. I’m not depressed or sad, I just need to think and I often wright a lot during this periods, to get all of it out. It is during these periods I try to put words to what I believe and why and I reed books on philosophy and religion like crazy. So in a way it is during these periods of my life that I form the base on which I build my life. My life philosophy is built during these periods.

Well, you might say, that doesn’t sound so dark or shadowy. Maybe not, but there is a down side to these periods and that is that the outer world become a minor thing for me. I’m so busy whit my own thoughts that I forget there are other things and other people around me. So my family and friends get a bit sidetracked and if they fore some reason decide I need to be more social and try to socialize whit me I’m not good company. I get grouchy and short tempered because I don’t want to be dragged in to the real world, I’m not done whit my thinking. And I know I’m not the best company so I try to be happy and listen but deep down I just wish that they would leave me alone.

These periods usually last a week or two and come around once or twice a year and I like them. I wouldn’t want to be whiteout them because so many people go through life whiteout taking the time to think about things in their life. But I wish that they didn’t effect the people around me so much.

When I lay down my tarotcards and one of these periods are on their way the Hermit pops up constantly. And that is the card that I associate whit myself during these times.

Someone that is alone whit his or her thoughts, trying to find their way.

So that is one of my shadowsides. But I would like to wright a little about Samhain to. As I said, this is my all time favorite sabbath. It is the time when I celebrate the new year and that is one of the reasons I love it. It is the time when you can sit down and really look at yourself and your life and then decide what you like and what you don’t. It is the time for new beginnings and of hope. There is an old saying “It’s always darkest before dawn” and that is what Samhain is for me. The darkest period just before things get better, the dark that makes us appreciate the light. For me the card of Samhain is:

The Wheel of Fortune, that reminds us that everything is moving forward but also in a circular way. It is never to late to start something new, to be a better person, the person you want to be. Nothing is stationary so why should you be?

And whit that my friends, I wish you a very happy Samhain, may the gods be whit you and don’t forget to hop on:

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It’s snowing!

It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!

I looked up from my computer and: IT’S SNOWING! I always love the first snow and feel like a child. I love the snow and I love sitting by the fire whit the snow falling outside. Unfortunately it’s +1 degree Celsius outside so the snow won’t stay. But when the snow has fallen for the first time, the rest of it isn’t far behind.

Only drawback as I see it: I may have to do some tweaking on my Samhain celebration that I have planed outdoors. But whit warm clothes and some alterations it won’t be a problem 🙂



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Tarotcard of the week

I know I havn’t been so good at keeping you updated. But I still draw a card a week, but then I kind of forget to write about it. But any way, this week I did remember (yay!). The card this week:

Knight of Pentacles

Once again a nice card to get .. Positive monetary energy comes into my life. I’m not one to decline a little extra money. Moreover, it can be for a young, practical and reliable man who is associated with money. Can’t think of anyone who would fit this description, but it might be someone who I don’t know. Or now that I think about, it actually fits a young man who matches this description and celebrates his birthday today. We’re not close friends, but I was on Facebook and saw that it is his birthday today. Well sometimes the card tells us more than you think 🙂

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Vastgöta needlework

I have started a new project, nothing to do whit wicca or tarot at all. Here in Sweden there are local traditions of needlework. The region were I live, Västragötaland, has its own tradition. But unfortunately it is a tradition that is slowly dying because of the non interest of my generation. So I’m trying to spread the patterns and stitching techniques. I have started blogging about it on my Swedish blog but I thought I would do the same here.

The needlework are made on linen or cotton fabric using red and blue cotton thread. The most common figures are flowers, birds, baskets, hearts and zigzag patterns. It was used to decorate things both for special occasions and for everyday use.

The first three patterns are quite easy and quick to sew.



This is a pattern that is easy to scale both up and down. The areas that are colored in completely is sown whit satin-stitching, the branches are sown whit stem stitches and the leafs whit loop stitches.








Another really simple pattern that is made from cross stitches and stem stitches.






This last one is a border made whit loop stitches at the bottom and cross stitches whit an extra stitch on top. The zigzag pattern is made by couching.


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Tarotcard of the week nr 41

Time for a new card of the week. Last weeks card really hit home :). So cross your fingers for this week.


Wheel of Fortune, another card I like. This card stands for the everlasting change, nothing is the same for ever. It also stands for good fortune and a stroke of destiny. So It looks like I’m in for another interesting week.

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New deck

So I finally got around to get the Gilded tarotdeck. What can I say… I simply love it! It’s so beautiful and easy to use. The images simply speak to me and I have no problem understanding the symbolism. So money well spent I would say.

So today I’m going to draw a card of the week whit my new deck. The card I drew:

Oh I’m so happy I drew this card, well who wouldn’t be…

The Sun is a truly positive card that brings happiness, success and is a very strong indicator of good things to come. So it looks like I’ll have a good week, which I’m in need of after a couple not so good ones.

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TarotBlogHop: “Ostara: Paint a journey with new life.”

This post is part of the TarotBlogHop, a facebook group. The one in front of me in the circle is Chloe (you may have come from her) and the one after me is Ania(feel free to hop on to her blog when you are finished here). The topic for this Tarot BlogHop is Ostara, paint a journey with new life. I had some difficulties whit this topic, what should I wright about? Ostara for me is about spring, about new life and hope. And in some ways that is what tarot is all about, well maybe not so much about new life but certainly about hope and new beginnings. In a way we paint a new journey when we consult the cards. We spread them on the table ant they create this marvelous painting of color (well that depends a bit on which deck you use I suppose). When everything comes together you can read the painting and see how the path flows in it. For me this is the best way to use the cards, not only to see them as individual cards but to see how the link together and how the patterns of colors, images and meanings helps me to get at deeper understanding. Its like one of those 3D-pictures that were popular when I was a child. Fist you only see lines and swirls and dots, but when the eyes focus on the right thing a tiger pops out of the picture. So when I do a really good reading the tarot tells me a seamless story, it paints the new path through life, or at least one possible path. Maybe this is why I’m so fond of decks whit a lot of colors, they make lovely paintings when laid on the table. Last, but not least I would like to share whit you the card in my deck that for me symbolizes spring and Ostara:

III Creativity (The Empress)

It’s full of vibrant spring colors and the empress looks young and happy. The water in the right hand lower corner reminds me of the spring rains and the pink lotus looks a lot like a tulip which is one of my favorite flowers and my garden is full of them in spring time. This for me is the Ostara card.

I hope you have enjoyed the bloghop so fare and that you continue on :).

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Tarotcard of the week: 2 of cups

A new week, a new card:

2 of cups, Friendliness

Traditional interpretation: It stands for love, either between two people (both friendly and romantic), but also to a purpose or a cause. It shows us that we have a choice, to explore the new feelings or to go in another direction. It can also stand for a fellowship or an unexpected meeting or an intimate conversation.

Osho Zen interpretation: It stands for a selfless fellowship without demands and without dependents from either party. The pure form of fellowship.

My interpretation: For me the card stand for the beginning of a relationship of any kind. The picture shows us what a strong relationship looks like. The trees stand on their own trunks, they are strong in themselves, they have their own power and strength. But the crowns are intertwined, not completely but the two trees become part of each other. It shows us that even in a relationship, we need to stand on our own base, find our own strength. While we allow parts of our lives and our person to intertwine with others, there are also parts of us that is only ours. We are always individuals. This is true both for friendship and love. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck because it reminds me of what to strive for to achieve a healthy relationship with the people in our lives.

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