I am going to dedicate this post to Teddy, my beloved cat and cohabitant. His full name is Teddy Örjan Urentino vom Ottenthal (not a bad name for a cat). Each of the name has a story. The first, Teddy, is the name I gave him when he came to me. He was just over two years at the time and all I could think of was that he looked exactly like the teddy bear that my uncle had when he was little. So Teddy it was. Örjan was his name before he came to me. I refused to call him that, it did not suit him (for those who don’t know much about Swedish names, Örjan is an old man’s name) . He did not listen to that name but he listens to Teddy. Urentino vom Ottenthal comes from his breeder and that is the name shown on his pedigree.

Teddy is a Selkirk Rex, a fairly rare breed here in Sweden. So unusual that most breeders choose to import at least one cat to broaden the gene pool . Teddy is from Germany originally and came to Sweden when he was a little over a year. Since he did not like his new home, he came to me. He is chocolate brown, with amber eyes. Like most Selkrik Rex, he is curly. He has participated in a couple of shows and always been very highly praised by the judges.

He is a bit funny my cat and have a lot of idiosyncrasies. He does not like strangers,  he hides, or sneak around and stare at them. But all that has been in the house for more than ten minutes he counts as a family and then he can sit in your lap and purr all day long. Well most anyway. For my best friend it took almost two and a half years before he could sit in her lap. She was for a long time enemy number one. But now it seems even she can be reasonably accepted.

Teddy is lazy, there’s no better way to pass the time than to lie down to sleep in one of his many favorite places. Among those are; the closet (both upstairs and downstairs), my bed, window seat in the kitchen, her basket in the living room and the absolute favorite spot, my lap. When he sleeps, he snores loudly.When he had just came to me I woke up one night and was convinced that there were a strange man who was sleeping in my apartment. It turned out to be Teddy lying on the couch, snoring. He won’t meow like other cats. He looks into your eyes and open his mouth, that’s all. It’s only in an absolute emergency that he actually meows, like when I have forgotten to give him his afternoon snack on time.

Teddy is also a coward. Anything larger than a butterfly is dangerous and must be avoided as long as they are not separated by a window, and even then you should make your self as small as possible if there is a blue tit outside. Even things that are smaller than a butterfly one should be vigilant of and to be on the safe side, he does not chase anything, not even stuffed mice. All tough this is his second major interest, to sit in the window and watch the world outside. In the summer he is out with me in a harness. Because he is fertile he can’t not come and go as he pleases. But this fall that will hopefully change.

Last but not least, Teddy is a mothers boy. He prefer to sit on my lap or on my shoulder. If I’ve been away for a few days and let my mom baby-sit him, he won’t let me out of sight even to go to the bathroom. As I said, he doesn’t play like other cats, but he likes to play peekaboo. He sits on one side of a wall, right at the door, and I stand on the other side. I’ll stick my head out, look him in the eye and say “peekaboo” and then pull back. If I stop, he sticks his head out and look into my eyes and open his mouth in a “silent meow” kind of like saying peekaboo.

There’s no way around it, I love my cat. He and I understand each other and enjoy each others company. He matches me perfectly, he is as lazy, cuddly, and just as fond of the garden as I am. In addition, he’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen.

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