Häxa or witch?

Today’s post will become very philosophical, I just want to forewarn.

A discussion I had on a forum made ​​me think, the really good discussions have often that effect on me. The discussion ended up being about the words häxa (swedish for witch) and witch, and if they hav the same meaning. I have noticed that there are many in Sweden as opposed to call themselves a häxa just because you work with magic.They believe that there are a clearer definition of what a häxa is. She must meet certain requirements, like to be able to switch to an animal port (that is, transform into an animal). Here’s an article on the subject.

The English word witch does not seem to have the same ,let’s call it limitations. A witch is simply someone who practice magic in any form. Which would mean that one can be a witch, yet not be a häxa. Whichsounds strange.

But if “we can’t  be” häxor, is there another word we can use. Or should we simply be content to be Wicca?

The oldest explanation for häxa I have been able to find is from 1681 when Werelius describes it as: “Hexa is a Woman, and ordinarily it is strong and tough through witchcraft.”

It would fit quite well into a Wicca, I believe. In the end, it is perhaps what you feel comfortable using that is important. But Iwould welcome your views on the matter. Do you call your witch, or häxa, and if so why / why not?

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