Vastgöta needlework

I have started a new project, nothing to do whit wicca or tarot at all. Here in Sweden there are local traditions of needlework. The region were I live, Västragötaland, has its own tradition. But unfortunately it is a tradition that is slowly dying because of the non interest of my generation. So I’m trying to spread the patterns and stitching techniques. I have started blogging about it on my Swedish blog but I thought I would do the same here.

The needlework are made on linen or cotton fabric using red and blue cotton thread. The most common figures are flowers, birds, baskets, hearts and zigzag patterns. It was used to decorate things both for special occasions and for everyday use.

The first three patterns are quite easy and quick to sew.



This is a pattern that is easy to scale both up and down. The areas that are colored in completely is sown whit satin-stitching, the branches are sown whit stem stitches and the leafs whit loop stitches.








Another really simple pattern that is made from cross stitches and stem stitches.






This last one is a border made whit loop stitches at the bottom and cross stitches whit an extra stitch on top. The zigzag pattern is made by couching.


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