Karolina Henke

I helgen är det dags. Jag åker till Borås för att se Karolina Henkes utställning “Back to nature”. Har sett fram emot detta.

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It’s snowing!

It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!

I looked up from my computer and: IT’S SNOWING! I always love the first snow and feel like a child. I love the snow and I love sitting by the fire whit the snow falling outside. Unfortunately it’s +1 degree Celsius outside so the snow won’t stay. But when the snow has fallen for the first time, the rest of it isn’t far behind.

Only drawback as I see it: I may have to do some tweaking on my Samhain celebration that I have planed outdoors. But whit warm clothes and some alterations it won’t be a problem 🙂



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Vastgöta needlework

I have started a new project, nothing to do whit wicca or tarot at all. Here in Sweden there are local traditions of needlework. The region were I live, Västragötaland, has its own tradition. But unfortunately it is a tradition that is slowly dying because of the non interest of my generation. So I’m trying to spread the patterns and stitching techniques. I have started blogging about it on my Swedish blog but I thought I would do the same here.

The needlework are made on linen or cotton fabric using red and blue cotton thread. The most common figures are flowers, birds, baskets, hearts and zigzag patterns. It was used to decorate things both for special occasions and for everyday use.

The first three patterns are quite easy and quick to sew.



This is a pattern that is easy to scale both up and down. The areas that are colored in completely is sown whit satin-stitching, the branches are sown whit stem stitches and the leafs whit loop stitches.








Another really simple pattern that is made from cross stitches and stem stitches.






This last one is a border made whit loop stitches at the bottom and cross stitches whit an extra stitch on top. The zigzag pattern is made by couching.


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Tarotcard of the week nr 41

Time for a new card of the week. Last weeks card really hit home :). So cross your fingers for this week.


Wheel of Fortune, another card I like. This card stands for the everlasting change, nothing is the same for ever. It also stands for good fortune and a stroke of destiny. So It looks like I’m in for another interesting week.

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TarotBlogHop: “Ostara: Paint a journey with new life.”

This post is part of the TarotBlogHop, a facebook group. The one in front of me in the circle is Chloe (you may have come from her) and the one after me is Ania(feel free to hop on to her blog when you are finished here). The topic for this Tarot BlogHop is Ostara, paint a journey with new life. I had some difficulties whit this topic, what should I wright about? Ostara for me is about spring, about new life and hope. And in some ways that is what tarot is all about, well maybe not so much about new life but certainly about hope and new beginnings. In a way we paint a new journey when we consult the cards. We spread them on the table ant they create this marvelous painting of color (well that depends a bit on which deck you use I suppose). When everything comes together you can read the painting and see how the path flows in it. For me this is the best way to use the cards, not only to see them as individual cards but to see how the link together and how the patterns of colors, images and meanings helps me to get at deeper understanding. Its like one of those 3D-pictures that were popular when I was a child. Fist you only see lines and swirls and dots, but when the eyes focus on the right thing a tiger pops out of the picture. So when I do a really good reading the tarot tells me a seamless story, it paints the new path through life, or at least one possible path. Maybe this is why I’m so fond of decks whit a lot of colors, they make lovely paintings when laid on the table. Last, but not least I would like to share whit you the card in my deck that for me symbolizes spring and Ostara:

III Creativity (The Empress)

It’s full of vibrant spring colors and the empress looks young and happy. The water in the right hand lower corner reminds me of the spring rains and the pink lotus looks a lot like a tulip which is one of my favorite flowers and my garden is full of them in spring time. This for me is the Ostara card.

I hope you have enjoyed the bloghop so fare and that you continue on :).

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I am going to dedicate this post to Teddy, my beloved cat and cohabitant. His full name is Teddy Örjan Urentino vom Ottenthal (not a bad name for a cat). Each of the name has a story. The first, Teddy, is the name I gave him when he came to me. He was just over two years at the time and all I could think of was that he looked exactly like the teddy bear that my uncle had when he was little. So Teddy it was. Örjan was his name before he came to me. I refused to call him that, it did not suit him (for those who don’t know much about Swedish names, Örjan is an old man’s name) . He did not listen to that name but he listens to Teddy. Urentino vom Ottenthal comes from his breeder and that is the name shown on his pedigree.

Teddy is a Selkirk Rex, a fairly rare breed here in Sweden. So unusual that most breeders choose to import at least one cat to broaden the gene pool . Teddy is from Germany originally and came to Sweden when he was a little over a year. Since he did not like his new home, he came to me. He is chocolate brown, with amber eyes. Like most Selkrik Rex, he is curly. He has participated in a couple of shows and always been very highly praised by the judges.

He is a bit funny my cat and have a lot of idiosyncrasies. He does not like strangers,  he hides, or sneak around and stare at them. But all that has been in the house for more than ten minutes he counts as a family and then he can sit in your lap and purr all day long. Well most anyway. For my best friend it took almost two and a half years before he could sit in her lap. She was for a long time enemy number one. But now it seems even she can be reasonably accepted.

Teddy is lazy, there’s no better way to pass the time than to lie down to sleep in one of his many favorite places. Among those are; the closet (both upstairs and downstairs), my bed, window seat in the kitchen, her basket in the living room and the absolute favorite spot, my lap. When he sleeps, he snores loudly.When he had just came to me I woke up one night and was convinced that there were a strange man who was sleeping in my apartment. It turned out to be Teddy lying on the couch, snoring. He won’t meow like other cats. He looks into your eyes and open his mouth, that’s all. It’s only in an absolute emergency that he actually meows, like when I have forgotten to give him his afternoon snack on time.

Teddy is also a coward. Anything larger than a butterfly is dangerous and must be avoided as long as they are not separated by a window, and even then you should make your self as small as possible if there is a blue tit outside. Even things that are smaller than a butterfly one should be vigilant of and to be on the safe side, he does not chase anything, not even stuffed mice. All tough this is his second major interest, to sit in the window and watch the world outside. In the summer he is out with me in a harness. Because he is fertile he can’t not come and go as he pleases. But this fall that will hopefully change.

Last but not least, Teddy is a mothers boy. He prefer to sit on my lap or on my shoulder. If I’ve been away for a few days and let my mom baby-sit him, he won’t let me out of sight even to go to the bathroom. As I said, he doesn’t play like other cats, but he likes to play peekaboo. He sits on one side of a wall, right at the door, and I stand on the other side. I’ll stick my head out, look him in the eye and say “peekaboo” and then pull back. If I stop, he sticks his head out and look into my eyes and open his mouth in a “silent meow” kind of like saying peekaboo.

There’s no way around it, I love my cat. He and I understand each other and enjoy each others company. He matches me perfectly, he is as lazy, cuddly, and just as fond of the garden as I am. In addition, he’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen.

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The beginning

Everything has got to start somewhere and also this adventure. A good start I think, is to introduce myself and the idea with this blog.
My name is Lina and I live between Hjo and Skövde in a sweet little cottage in the countryside. I am an archaeologist, but I am studding right now to be a system analyst. Mainly because of the tremendous lack of good archaeological work. Archaeology will always be my passion and when you ask what I do for a living my first impulse is always to say that I am an archaeologist. But computer scientists are also a very good fit for me. I feel like a fish in water.
My house is not big, around 90 sqm. The oldest parts are from the mid-1800s and has been built and rebuilt at various times. This has given the house a very charming appearance both inside and out. The ceiling height varies from 185 to 250 cm, walls don not join at right angles, and the door between the kitchen and living room measuring 170 x 65 cm. Since everything that is going in to the living room and the bathroom has to pass through this door, it has put restrictions on what washing machine to buy, if the sofa can go into and so on.Which is a big part of the charm of living in an older house.
The cottage has an approximately 3000-square-meter garden. Quite enough for my needs and the work I want to put in to it.Sometimes I pray that the grass would turn in to pebbles, more specifically on the occasions when all the grass needs to be cut. But mostly, I am quite fond of my garden. I really love to work in the garden. Though I am a crafts person in the heart and soul. I like to use my hands and is creative. I work with wood and paper, knitting, sewing and painting. Wherever my creative side have an outlet. But now I have got off-topic. The garden is divided into two parts. The two parts are split by a small road that were used to get out on the road leading into the village. The road has not been used in a couple of years apart from when it comes so many people that they do not have room to park in the small parking lot that is in front of the house. This has made the road more or less over grown, but you can see traces of it and it will forever divide the garden in the inner and the outer part. When we bought the place a few years ago, the garden was hugely neglected. It was late in August and no one had cut the grass during the summer. The trees had not been pruned for several years and the cherry trees had completely taken over the slope. The flowerbeds were grown over by weeds and bushes had grown in all directions. Even now, almost four years later, I haven’t caught up. Cherry trees are still reign as absolute ruler of the slopes and some parts of the garden is overwhelmed by ground elder.
Much of what I’m doing in life and in the house and garden, is influenced by my faith. About ten years ago I found Wicca, and it fitted me like a glove. Since then I have studied, practiced and lived with wicca. And all this is what the blog will be about. It’s about my life. It will follow the seasons so in the summer you can expect to find much about the garden and how to make jam and juice . In winter, it will probably be more crafts emphasized. This will all be mixed up with my thoughts and observations.
I hope this will be a fun experience for both you and for me, I look forward to it.

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