A day to breath

Today the weather was beautiful and the day invited to take a break and just enjoy oneself. Sometimes you have to listen to that inner voice so I took a day in the garden and just had fun. I took the opportunity to measure the spot where I want my herb garden. It ended up a little bit larger than I had thought initially, but when you’re doing something you might as well do it properly, that’s my philosophy. When everything was measured, I sat in the shade with a glass of homemade lemonade and looked through my books and made a list of the herbs I want. When I had the steam gong, I brought paper, pencil and ruler out and made a sketch. The result:


I would like it to be surrounded by willow fence, and the path should be done whit gravel. It’s the plan anyway. The idea is that this will be my long term project in the garden that will last for a few years before I have managed at all. To get some perspective on the picture, I can say that path will be 1 meter wide and the flowerbeds 1.5 meters.

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As I said yesterday, the cherry trees have completely taken over one of the slopes that exist in the garden. The reason for it is years of neglect, when I moved in here they had not been trimmed in years. They were allowed to grow freely. Unfortunately, I have not exactly prioritized the cherry trees so they have continued to grow in the same way. This has meant that the slope is now full cherry trees in all different sizes and shapes. Oblivious to this abuse the trees bear fruit faithfully and this year they really put in a higher gear. Now I have cherries so that I start to run out of ideas what to do with them.
I am of the school that you should take advantage of what you get from nature. I like to make jam and juice (and then eat and drink it up) and try to take advantage of most of what’s in the garden. To let the berries remain unused gives me a guilty conscience, it is like throwing away a small fortune.
But now I picked cherries for a week and it is barely visible in the trees. Those sitting in the top of the trees will remain. They are for the birds and other animals to feast on.

Now I have cherries in rum, cherry jam, cherry juice and frozen in 14 boxes and the neighbors and relatives have gotten some. Besides that, I have eaten spit cream (cream made from cherry with stone) as often as I can. Not that I suffer, I happen to be childishly fond of spitting cream and my thought is that those 14 boxes of cherries will be made to cream in the winter. But as I said, the imagination is starting to run short. But I guess you should not complain.
That said, I like cherries. The cherries get that lovely deep red color, reminiscent of rubies and royal red robes. When I stand outside under the trees, picking the red berries, I can almost taste the pancakes with cherry jam, or cake with rumcerries and whipped cream. In a few days the juice is reedy to taste. The rumcherries will take a month more before they are ready. Most delicious is if you can keep hands off it until December. But one should not hope too much.
As a conclusion, I will put up a bunch of pictures showing my red gold. Some day I will include some fun cherry recipes. Have a great day.

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