Tarotcard of the week

I know I havn’t been so good at keeping you updated. But I still draw a card a week, but then I kind of forget to write about it. But any way, this week I did remember (yay!). The card this week:

Knight of Pentacles

Once again a nice card to get .. Positive monetary energy comes into my life. I’m not one to decline a little extra money. Moreover, it can be for a young, practical and reliable man who is associated with money. Can’t think of anyone who would fit this description, but it might be someone who I don’t know. Or now that I think about, it actually fits a young man who matches this description and celebrates his birthday today. We’re not close friends, but I was on Facebook and saw that it is his birthday today. Well sometimes the card tells us more than you think ūüôā

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Tarotcard of the week nr 41

Time for a new card of the week. Last weeks card really hit home :). So cross your fingers for this week.


Wheel of Fortune, another card I like. This card stands for the everlasting change, nothing is the same for ever. It also stands for good fortune and a stroke of¬†destiny. So It looks like I’m in for another interesting week.

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New deck

So I¬†finally got around to get the Gilded tarotdeck. What can I say… I simply love it! It’s so beautiful and easy to use. The images simply speak to me and I have no problem understanding the symbolism. So money well spent I would say.

So today I’m going to draw a card of the week whit my new deck. The card I drew:

Oh I’m so happy I drew this card, well who wouldn’t be…

The Sun is a truly positive card that brings¬†happiness,¬†success and is a very strong¬†indicator¬†of good things to come.¬†So it looks like I’ll have a good week, which I’m in need of after a couple not so good ones.

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Tarotcard of the week: 2 of cups

A new week, a new card:

2 of cups, Friendliness

Traditional interpretation: It stands for love, either between two people (both friendly and romantic), but also to a purpose or a cause. It shows us that we have a choice, to explore the new feelings or to go in another direction. It can also stand for a fellowship or an unexpected meeting or an intimate conversation.

Osho Zen interpretation: It stands for a selfless fellowship without demands and without dependents from either party. The pure form of fellowship.

My interpretation: For me the card stand for the beginning of a relationship of any kind. The picture shows us what a strong relationship looks like. The trees stand on their own trunks, they are strong in themselves, they have their own power and strength. But the crowns are intertwined, not completely but the two trees become part of each other. It shows us that even in a relationship, we need to stand on our own base, find our own strength. While we allow parts of our lives and our person to intertwine with others, there are also parts of us that is only ours. We are always individuals. This is true both for friendship and love. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck because it reminds me of what to strive for to achieve a healthy relationship with the people in our lives.

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Tarotcard of the week

I’ts time to get this blog, and my studdy of my tarot deck, started. So I’ll try to do a description of one tarot card a week starting today. I’ll be using the Osho Zen deck, which I love! To days card is:

3 of cups

Traditional significance: It often indicats an upcoming feast or celebration of some kind, but can also stand for emotional victories and a group of people who feel affection or friendship for each other. Associated with happiness and success, positive closure and abundance but also with healing and relief. In a spread about work this card tends to show that the atmosphere at work is good and that your team works well together. In a concept of love, it may indicate that the best chance to find love at a party, or if you have a partner; to an approaching wedding, or at least that the relationship is entering a new, positive, phase. In an economic spread the 3 of cups stands for achieved financial targets and that it is time to take the opportunity to enjoy the good economy.

Osho Zen sense: The card reminds us that there is always something to celebrate. Life is joy, sorrow and depessionen are human inventions. When did you last see a depressed flower? The card shows that it is important that we are not so wise that it distract us from our joy.

How do I interpret the card: I must start by saying that I really love this tarot deck.¬†The cards talk to me with their beautiful pictures.¬†This is a card that for me is about joy and the positive in life.¬†When I get it in a spread, I am always happy because even if a period of one’s life begins to draw to an end, there will be a positive change, something good is waiting around the corner.¬†If it has been a ‘dark’ spread¬†this card brightens it and gives hope.¬†The picture on the card reminds me that there’s so much we can celebrate that we don’t, that it is useful to change the way you look at the world to find happiness where you thought that it did not exist.¬†The three women dancing and celebrating¬†although the rain is pouring down and it looks windy.¬†They are barefoot when they splash around in puddles.¬†But they smile and look so happy.¬†How often do we celebrate the rain, instead of complaining about it? I remember the hot summer months when the rain finally comes after you’ve been longing for it for weeks.Water barrels in the garden is filled again so that the vegetables in the garden can once again be watered.¬†¬†It¬†reminds¬†us that very few things in life are just negative, it is our own view of things that cause them to become either the things we complain about or things we celebrate.¬†3 of the cup reminds us to take an extra look at the world and find the joys in life that we can and celebrate them as if they were wedding parties.

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