Häxa or witch?

Today’s post will become very philosophical, I just want to forewarn.

A discussion I had on a forum made ​​me think, the really good discussions have often that effect on me. The discussion ended up being about the words häxa (swedish for witch) and witch, and if they hav the same meaning. I have noticed that there are many in Sweden as opposed to call themselves a häxa just because you work with magic.They believe that there are a clearer definition of what a häxa is. She must meet certain requirements, like to be able to switch to an animal port (that is, transform into an animal). Here’s an article on the subject.

The English word witch does not seem to have the same ,let’s call it limitations. A witch is simply someone who practice magic in any form. Which would mean that one can be a witch, yet not be a häxa. Whichsounds strange.

But if “we can’t  be” häxor, is there another word we can use. Or should we simply be content to be Wicca?

The oldest explanation for häxa I have been able to find is from 1681 when Werelius describes it as: “Hexa is a Woman, and ordinarily it is strong and tough through witchcraft.”

It would fit quite well into a Wicca, I believe. In the end, it is perhaps what you feel comfortable using that is important. But Iwould welcome your views on the matter. Do you call your witch, or häxa, and if so why / why not?

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This morning I braved the rain and took a round to the trashcan, such things must be managed even if it rains. The neighbor was out with the dogs and asked pleasantly if I had been able to sleep last night. A strange question I thought but replied cheerfully that I rarely have problems with that particular issue. He then told me that he had not slept for many hours because of the roaring thunder. I had not heard a thing, snoring away through all the noise. Not that I’m surprised, I could sleep my way through World War III. But sometimes, like now, I feel a robed by my ability.
The thing is that I love a proper storm. As rain pattered on the plastic roof over the patio, thunder make the windows rattle and lightning lights up the world in intense moments of light. Then I sit and cuddle and watch the spectacle with admiration. Not that I don’t respect the forces let loose during the storm. I have great respect for the flash, my grandmother’s brother was killed by lightning many years ago which meant that my grandmother was careful to make sure she told me what could happen. But of course you have to admire nature at such moments. It shows how powerful and intense it is. It will be a reminder of how little we actually can control.
But it’s not just thunder and lightning I appreciate. I’m a rain person, I like when it rains. Rain is calming and quiet rewarding to me. Sure, I’m a bit unhappy if it rains for weeks, but after a few days of sun then I’m happy when the rain comes again. Moreover, there are several benefits of the rain. You do not have to water the garden, water barrels are filled again so I don’t have to use the water hose the next time I need water, you do not have to feel guilty when you stay inside, potter around, instead of being out and enjoy the sun. To strengthen my love to rain even more, when it rains you avoid the worst heat. I admit that I am not so much for really hot days. A summer day, with 20-22 degrees Celsius and a slight breeze, it’s nice. But if it is gets any warmer I wilt like a carrot without water. I feel better, both in body and soul, when it is a bit more reasonable temperatures.
One would think that I would be a Pisces or Cancer that is controlled by water. But the truth is that I am a Taurus and is controlled by the earth. Actually, I am a very typical ox; calm, practical, grounded, patient, stubborn, lazy, and quite dominant when I want to. I take most things with calmness and not one can not angry me in a hurry, but when I get angry, I get really pissed of. But it tends to move on quickly.
Despite of this I have always been fascinated by water of all kinds. And I guess I will continue to sigh whit happiness when I wake up and realize that it’s raining outside.

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